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Three great men in my life: Dan, my brother, and my father.

Tonight I went to dinner with Dan and my parents to celebrate some professional victories for both my dad and Dan. I have been so very happy for these two amazing men, and have recently been reflecting on how fabulous it feels to watch the people you love accomplish their goals. In so many ways, it's an even better feeling than when I do well. It makes you realize how important and great love is.

I've also been reflecting quite a bit lately on blessings. It's been a rough few years in this country, especially when it comes to employment. I've known people who have struggled with everything from having a job they absolutely detest (but kept, because it was still a job) to those who are still searching. It's tough to have endured so much, but amazing to see the inspiration and love that comes out of rough times.

This is obviously a much deeper, much more complicated conversation than I can adequately express here on the blog. But it is something I try to remember as I keep walking the path of life. I remember so that I continue to feel nothing but gratitude for my own blessings. We all need time to celebrate victories, large and small, as we come back into the light.
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