Everyday Inspirations


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Happy days are here to stay: your best friends will put the smile back on your face.

Anger: it's part of being human. Though we'd like each day to go by smooth and conflict-free, we know that reality is going to throw some bumps our way. The important thing about anger is learning to control it. Here are a few simple tips to let out the steam:

  • Count to 10. The old standby still does the trick. Simply counting to 10 (in your head or out loud) can help alleviate frustration by making you concentrate on something else.
  • Leave the room. Physically removing yourself from a stressful environment can do wonders when you're upset. It can also help stop you from saying or doing something you know you'll regret.
  • Call a friend. Hey, that's what your best pal is there for. Grab the phone, write an email, or send a text to someone you can trust. This isn't a time for gossip--that will probably only make you feel worse, even if it actually does feel good at the time. A third party can help you sort out your frustration and validate your feelings.
  • Distract yourself. Sometimes things we can't control anger us. While worrying is an automatic response, it only makes you feel more helpless. Talk yourself out of the anger with a "Stop!" command in your head. Then think of something that makes you happy--an upcoming vacation, your dog, a family outing. It's amazing how remembering the good can make the bad seem irrelevant.

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