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ice rink
It make look icy cold to you, but this is one of the most comforting sights for me.
I've been thinking about skating a lot lately. Why? Because as I get older and older, this hobby, nay, lifestyle I took on at age six seems harder and harder to fit into my life. I am overly busy, yet I still find myself making time for this sport, no matter how inconvenient it is to fit around my schedule. With the way it has completely shaped who I am, I just can't bear to give it up. Even beyond the fact that it lead me to some of the most amazing friends, has given me almost two decades of regular exercise, and has provided me with incredible opportunities, skating has taught me so many life lessons that relate to lots other areas of my life. So here's to the rink -- my home, my gym, my playground, my meeting place, my mentor. 

1. When you fall, get back up and try it again. 

2. Perfection is unrealistic, but is something you should always strive for.  

3. Take competition seriously, but don't let it ruin your day.

4. Set big goals so you have a place to aim.

5. A big, cheeseball smile goes a long way. Fake it until you make it.

6. The best results come when your blades are sharp.

7.  Always warm up and stretch.

8. When you're having an "off" day, sometimes it's best to just walk away and try again tomorrow.

9. Most of your obstacles or inabilities are a mental game. Success or failure -- it's all in your head.

10. There is nothing more rewarding than facing huge challenges, working your tail off and performing your best followed by a big round of applause. 
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5/19/2011 01:33:49 pm

#5 has been my motto since the Angelzz days! LOVE IT

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