Everyday Inspirations

I sat there surrounded by the world—hundreds of fans from across the globe all united by one force—synchronized figure skating. This year's World Championships brought together 23 teams representing 18 different countries and my old skating team friends and I sat in the midst of it all. Despite our differences in culture and language, it is always inspiring to see the many ways we connect across these boundaries. Some of the things universal here today at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado are dancing the YMCA, the desire to do whatever is necessary get yourself shown on the big screen and of course, the sport of figure skating. One of the best parts was how when any team member fell, the entire audience, regardless of which country they represented, cheered her back on as she jumped back in the program with her team. We may all come from different parts of the world, but even as competitors, we all have the desire to make connections and support each other.  

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