Everyday Inspirations


Saturday brought many inspiring things:
  • Beautiful sunshine pouring through my window. Finally it feels like spring is on its way.
  • Finished "How to Train Your Dragon." How did I not know this was the cutest movie ever? Got it on my Netflix. Loved it! 
  • Shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my beautiful friend, Megan. Utah locals, Lily & Iris is totally the best place in town--gorgeous gowns. 
  • A run on my favorite trail with my favorite, furry trainer. One day my goal is to be pulling her to keep going, not the other way around. 
  • Free Chilck-fil-A. I think Ash would agree, both of those words are heaven. 
  • Reuniting Daisy with an old friend. I bought her this toy when she was still tiny and she instantly fell in love--so much so that she tore the cotton out. Just took a few stitches and the crocodile (?) was as good as new. For about 30 minutes anyway.
  • Date night with the hubby. Never can complain about some good, quality time together. 

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