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Mark Zuckerberg
Last Friday I had the privilege of seeing Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, speak in a Q and A forum. Working in social media as a profession, I was nerdily excited about the whole thing, going in awaiting inspiration. And of course it came. Zuckerberg said a lot of important stuff, but there were two things that resonated with me the most.

"People don't get put into roles, they make them for themselves."
Don't take for granted that whatever job you're in is the stepping stone for where you want to be. Make it happen by stepping into a leadership role, refining your skills and continually learning and growing. He said when he's hiring he feels people aren't necessarily defined by the things they do in the scope of their jobs, but rather what projects they choose to do outside of work. Like Facebook, always think of yourself as a work in progress that not only should continue to improve, but needs to change as the world around you changes.

"You really have to love and believe in what you're doing."
Does this sound familiar? Like perhaps similar to something I said last week? Yes. If you want to do something to the fullest extent, it needs to be a passion. I'm not saying to do a good job or even a great job--I'm saying to reach the extraordinary. When you're pushing yourself through blood, sweat and tears it better be for something you believe in. And I think you'll find if that love lies in what you're doing, it will come out in the work you complete.
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4/6/2011 01:02:10 pm

Wonderful post! Thank you!


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