Everyday Inspirations

It's getting to be the end of February, which means we're thisclose to spring. I don't know about you but by this time each year I'm completely over the cold and the coats and the boots. I'm ready to break out the flirty, fun clothes.

There is, of course, a trade-off. When the winter goes, so does the skiing, which can be a bummer, particularly when you live in Utah -- home of the greatest snow on earth. I captured this image last Sunday while skiing with my sweetie. I've been in love with the trees at the top of Snowbird's Peruvian and Little Cloud chairlifts since, oh, forever. They live a harsh life, what with constantly being pounded by sub-zero wind and storm after storm. But because of their environment, they become so gloriously covered with ice and snow that they just glisten.

Insert your own metaphor on life if you wish.

So even though I do spend much of these last few weeks of winter wishing ahead for days of sandals and pastels and BBQs, I try to stop, take in the (frozen) moment, and remind myself that while summer's awesome, she doesn't have all the beauty in the world.

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