Everyday Inspirations


~ small inspiration ~

The last several days were complete insanity. The fact that I survived them was even crazier. But after the sore legs, my melted brain, and my general sense of complete exhaustion there is a grand sense of accomplishment. My days felt impossible and yet I survived them accomplishing all I needed to and then some. I won't lie--there were swear words, moments where my heart beat frantically with stress and thoughts of discouragement as my already busy plate got stuffed with more. I took a deep breath, told myself I could do it (sometimes out loud), and got down to business. This morning's sunshine blasting (yes blasting) through my windows as I bring you your small inspiration a day late (sorry about that) was just what I needed. I can't help but celebrating that I made it to Sunday. Have a wonderful, restful day. Bring it on world!

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