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Ok, that's a lie. I'm just trying to convince myself. It happens every year -- the magic of Christmas leaves, the excitement of the new year is rung in, and suddenly I am ready for winter to melt and become spring. This year I thought it might be different since I've appreciated winter more what with my new job not requiring a commute everyday. I've loved looking at the cute white-topped roofs and the majestic snowy mountains from the comfort of my warm house, but now all I see is smog, cold and a lack of anything green. So in an effort to appreciate what is here (after all, it's only January 7...I have a long winter still ahead), I am taking a moment to bask in the beauty of all that is beautiful in winter. Twinkling snowflakes falling silently from the sky, an entire world covered in pure white, naked silhouettes of trees encompassed in fog, frozen skeletons of leaves emerging from melted snow, and glistening icicles hanging from the eves. It may be cold, but it sure is beautiful.
1/7/2011 02:10:32 pm

from a winter lover ... you have captured the essence!

1/8/2011 12:52:01 am

these are gorgeous pictures! Utah really is so pretty in the winter.


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