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Last Saturday was a warm, overcast day in Salt Lake City (AND a rest day in the good ol'  half marathon schedule), so Dan and I grabbed some coffee and took a walk around a local park. When we got home, I noticed these little beauties poking through the my landlord's flowerbed. I took a picture and tweeted, "I believe!"

Then it was Monday. And it dumped snow. Yesterday morning I was scraping close to a foot off my car. Fun! (Angie didn't like it either.)

I didn't think much more about the flowers until tonight, when I noticed that they're still alive... and still blooming!

It may be a silly little thing, but these flowers made me so happy. They're obviously little survivors and yet another example of how nature gives us tons of little inspirations and reminds us that, no matter what, we can weather the storm. (In case you're wondering, it'll be in the 60s here tomorrow. This state is a bit... confused this time of year.)

March 20 is first day of spring! ;) Then I promise Angie and I will stop complaining about the weather... maybe.

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