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Treat a sunburn
Today's inspiration comes courtesy of the sun. This weekend I went to the pool and made a couple stupid mistakes. 1) I forgot that most of my body hasn't seen the sun since my honeymoon last October and therefore needed a little extra caution and 2) I only applied sunscreen once. Now I am a lobster, red and fiery, complete with fun tan (burn) lines that show exactly which swimsuit I was wearing. I even have a nice partial tan line from the book I was reading. Before I go into how to treat a burn, may I remind you to please, please wear sunscreen and be sure to reapply. If not for the protection against cancer-causing UV rays or the threat of pre-mature wrinkles, do it so you don't look like bright red crustacean.  

{how to treat a sunburn}

1. Use aloe vera
Cut it directly from the plant if you have it as fresh aloe vera gel works better than most treatments you can buy at the store. Otherwise, use the gel. 

2. Wear loose-fitting clothing
Definitely be sure anything you wear won't irritate your skin. Loose-fitting cotton or organic materials will be best.

3. Drink lots of water
The sun dehydrates you so be sure to drink lots of fluids. Ice water is even better as it will cool down your body temperature.
4. Take an anti-inflammatory
Depending on how bad your burn is, taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen will help reduce skin inflammation, swelling and fever.

5. Keep your body cool
Take a cool bath or treat your body with a cool cloth with milk. The coolness helps soothe your burn and the milk help give your skin proteins that will help prevent more discomfort.

6. Apply lotion
Opt for unscented lotions since your skin is extra sensitive. Eucerin Calming Cream is a good one to use. Trying refrigerating your lotion for an extra cooling effect.

7. Watch what you eat
Avoid anything too spicy and hot as it can inflame your skin more and avoid alcohol as it will further dehydrate your body.

8. Stay out of the sun and protect your skin
Stay out of the sun until the burn fades. If you have to be outside wear loose-fitting long sleeve clothing or stay in the shade.

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