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Relaxation on the lake
Happy three-day weekend everyone! How many of us have plans to relax? ME! How many of us will actually succeed in relaxing? Hmmm... Well if you're anything like me, on these bonus vacation days I often plan to have a fun, relaxing day and get to the end of it and feel a little disappointed. That will not happen to me this Memorial Day! Here are some tips on making it happen for you.

1) Turn Off the Technology
We are all bombarded and interconnected by technology--phones, Facebook, Twitter, this blog, the television, the list goes on. Normally, I love it, but when I'm trying to relax it totally hinders my mindset. Turn off the technology and just have a day to live your life with those you love. That may mean leaving your phone at home (I wince at the thought) or unplugging the TV or computer.

2) Have a Late Spring Cleanfest
I know. You didn't think cleaning would be on my "how to relax" list did you? But this is actually a measure for future relaxation. Sometimes you get it clean, but the build-up of stuff to get rid of or those deep cleaning projects can weigh on you more than you might think. Finally getting those projects done and out of the way may actually free up your stress in the future.

3) Plan Your Day, But Be Open to Twists
Planning the day's itinerary before you leave the house may allow you to relax and just experience rather than be stressed trying to figure out what is next. Plan it out the night ahead (i.e. right now if you haven't already done so) or first thing in the morning so you can get up and be relaxed and ready to go. That being said, don't stress out if all your plans don't happen. Be open to a change in plan or a spontaneous, fun opportunity should it arise.
4) Play in the Sunshine  
I don't know about you all, but I have been seriously lacking in sunshine. Hello vitamin D, come visit me! If your weather is good, make sure you soak in those rays before it's sweltering hot. Shop at an outdoor mall, go on a hike, play in the park, window shop downtown, or go to the ocean or lake. Just be sure you bring your sunscreen.

5) Take a Time Out
You may have a busy day planned, but schedule a time out in there. That is, some you time, where you can have a moment to do what you want. That may mean a nap, some time away from the kids, a trip to your favorite restaurant, a moment to be by yourself--whatever will give you a moment of sanity.

Have a safe Memorial Day everyone!

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