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Alright, go ahead and tell me I am sharing the obvious -- but I have gone more than two decades without this divine inspiration so perhaps some of you have too. Plain Cheerios are sort of meh to me. I like them and tolerate eating them fine, but it's not like I ever crave them. In fact, my husband told me to buy them because he likes them, but because he doesn't eat cereal much we've had two big boxes just sitting there for months (yes, and then I hear "we have no food honey" but that's beside the point).

So this morning we are out of cereal except for plain Cheerios. I'm sort of disappointed because it's Monday and I was really wanting a delicious breakfast of champions to start out my crazy week. So I pour a bowl and it hits me...just add honey! I love Honey Nut Cheerios and when you add some fresh honey to the top of these, it's possibly even more delicious! Plus, you're not adding refined sugar, which is always a plus. And when then honey mixes with the milk -- yum!

Go ahead, tell me, "DUH, we've been doing this for years" or "how have you never thought of that? It's so obvious." But this little tidbit of inspiration was exactly what I needed to get me through the first day of an overly exciting and exhausting week to come.
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