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healthy eating during the holidays
The holiday season means lots of delicious (and sinful) foods. Yesterday at work my desk was literally surrounded by three boxes of chocolates and three trays of cookies within an arms reach. It took all the willpower I could muster (three mint cookies later) to move the "holiday cheer" to the desk away from me. Remember this post about falling into good habits before it gets hard? Well boys and girls, this week of Christmas is the true test. Pecan tassies and Russian teacakes will be dancing in front of my eyes...and how do I avoid them when they are my favorites?

Here's my suggestion -- don't. Don't avoid them that is. This is my one time of year to enjoy some of my favorite treats and I think it's totally silly to not eat them. That being said, there are a three things I do to keep it within reason.

First, eat a reasonable amount. When my dad offers me a pecan tassie I will gladly accept; even go for seconds or thirds (they are pretty small after all). Will I go back for tenths like I did when I was twelve? I'm going to say no. But I will allow myself to enjoy the season since for me the food is a very important part of that.

Second, I don't waste my calories on the fattening food I'm not that into. Scenario: It's Christmas Eve and there's a big bowl of veggies and fatty dip on the counter. Do I, a) chow down with extra dip -- veggies are healthy after all even with dip, or b) skip the dip because I like veggies plain and am holding out for the amazing dessert? For me, the answer is a solid b. Many people find themselves eating fattening foods they aren't that into during holiday parties and get-togethers. Save your calories for foods you love! Now if you like the dip more than the dessert, go for it! Or do a reasonable amount of both. It's all about weighing the foods most important to you. I certainly won't be wasting calories on any fruitcake.

Finally, schedule in a little exercise to counteract the extra food intake. Go on an early morning run on Christmas or even hit the gym if yours is open. If you plan ahead by burning calories early, you can eat a little more later on without even feeling a twinge of guilt.

Happy healthy holidays!

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