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Guadalajara is the capital of the Mexican state Jalisco and the center of art and culture in Western Mexico. The Gothic, Baroque, Moorish and Neoclassical architecture mimics its European sister, the Spanish city of Guadalajara. I absolutely fell in love with this city with its large public squares, many fountains, open markets, beautiful buildings and churches and modern art sculptures. The people there were so genuinely kind and I was definitely happy to have remembered my high school and college Spanish since fewer people spoke English. While we were there we enjoyed some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Our biggest score was a taqueria where three of us ate the most delicious tacos for under $5 total. It is the home of Mariachi music and host to lots of large public concerts. There was a major concert in the city centre both nights we were there with hundreds of people dancing and singing along with the music. Despite it being the second most populous city in Mexico, there is a relaxed and peaceful air about it. Most of the times I've been to Mexico, I've been on the beach or nearby cities which are beautiful, but are often filled with American tourists. Guadalajara was wonderful because it was a chance to really see and experience the Mexican culture that I love. Los Méxicanos sure have a lot to be proud of.

6/25/2010 04:37:10 am

Guadalajara is wonderful, not as well publicized as the beach towns I've visited in Mexico. There are beautiful buildings and views in every direction. Definitely authentic through and through. And ... less costly than the more touristy places. Not to be missed.

9/19/2021 04:32:07 am

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