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Being in a rut sucks. You feel trapped, sad, unstimulated, perhaps even confused about what you want. You may be the happiest of people and yet you feel depressed. Now I am no therapist and there is no exact formula for getting out of a rut, but you can certainly do some things to make a difference in your life.

{think positive} This is possibly the hardest thing you have to do when you're in a rut, but you need to start turning your bad thoughts into good ones or you will never dig yourself out. Every time you think bad thoughts try to think of three good things about your situation, your life or yourself. Get a friend on board with you so that you can turn to them to help you if you get stuck in negativity.

{visualize your dreams} Try to envision a goal or a life situation that will help you get out of your rut. What are your dreams? Focus on the positive and set your life toward those goals. Perhaps if you can't attain them yet, set other short-term goals too. This will help you mentally stay positive so that you are better equipped to reach your larger dreams. 

{take care of your body} When you're in a rut often you become lazy which just makes the situation worse. Make sure you eat healthy and exercise which will give you endorphins and proper nutrients.
{better yourself} Do something for you. Attend an professional conference. Take up a new hobby or reengage an old one. Take a class. Start a blog. Do something that will inspire your creativity and positivity.

{hang with loved ones} Being with family or friends can really make a difference in your attitude. Arrange a family get together or go to lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Giving and receiving affection from those you love, if only a temporary solution, will allow you to escape from your negative feelings and feel happy.

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