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{ash & angie}
In honor of St. Patrick's Day and the beginning of spring, we are excited to bring you a list of all things green. Some items focus on helping the environment, some are about bettering yourself, and one is about entering our Facebook contest for the chance to bring home a new gift!

We hope you start thinking about ways you can brighten your life this new season. We look forward to opportunities to continue to connect with you, our readers, on the most simple, beautiful details of life.

{save green}
Even though most of our work is done on computers, we still waste huge amounts of paper. Make it a goal to limit use your use. Use scratch paper where you can. Don't print off emails unless it is necessary. Sign up for e-bills and e-statements. Also, if your company or community doesn't already recycle, try to get a program in place.

{earn green}
Many states pay you to save aluminum or glass and turn them into a recycling facility. Research opportunities available in your area.

{eat green}
Add more healthy greens to your diet. Green vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients that reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, normalize digestion, support retinal health, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost your immune system.

{travel green}
It may not always be possible to walk or ride a bike to your destination, but do it wherever you can. Not only will you be saving the world from extra emissions, you will also be getting great exercise and enjoying the outdoors, which keeps your body and mind healthy.

{wear green}
Green is a color of growth, nature, and wealth. Wear green when you need an extra mental boost in these areas. Want to be even greener? Take your outfit to the next level by checking out environmentally-friendly clothing sites.

{shop green}
In our society we consume tons of material goods. Check out Anti-Nu Store on Etsy where their slogan is, "Don't buy new—upcycle."

{plant green}
Planting trees and plants helps the environment, beautifies your home or garden, and gives you a mental break from your day-to-day worries.

{enjoy green}
Spend time outdoors, especially now as spring brings us sunshine and new growth. Taking daily walks in the evening will help you relax after a busy day and will give you a chance to watch the progress of the plants in your neighorhood as they start to bloom.

{win green}
Help spread the inspiration. When you become our Facebook fan by March 21 you will be entered to win the above beautiful green jewelry, handmade by FeliciaEvita Designs. Please share our site with your friends or post it as your status. Remember, you need to be a fan to win!

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