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Welcome to football season.

My new apartment officially places me somewhere in the middle of my housing options. I'm obviously beyond the just-out-on-my-own college-style living, yet I'm not quite at the homeowner phase.

We've settled in a one bedroom apartment, which wasn't the original plan, but the place felt so perfect it didn't matter. However, it's now time to get creative with the large (YES!) living room space. I didn't feel I was quite ready to make a couch purchase (not being a homeowner makes me want to push that off a bit) but I obviously needed a place where my guests could sit when visiting.

Camp chair, anyone? Just put your beverage in the arm rest!

The solution ultimately proved to be my first... futon? Yeah, never thought I'd own one of those (though getting a free frame from my brother helped a bit).  I figured a futon would be found more on the college end of the spectrum. However, now that I have it, I've realized it's incredibly functional and perfect for this in-between phase.

Due to a very unappealing original mattress (that went directly from the truck to the curb), we upgraded to a new mocha-colored microfiber mattress. The neutral color works very well with the room and I'm pleasantly surprised with how couch-like it looks. Plus, the mattress was reasonably priced--I think about $135, including shipping.

Other perks? The futon can, obviously, be made into a bed. This is very convenient when you're living in a one bedroom apartment and a friend or family member wants to crash. And, as I happily discovered this past weekend, turning the futon into a bed is a great way to lounge with a book and an NFL game on a Sunday afternoon. Bonus!

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