Everyday Inspirations


~ small inspiration ~

Today my mom and I were walking by a creek and we saw a mother duck leading her babies upstream through a strong current. She could have easily taken her little ducklings across at the nearby pond into which the creek flowed but she didn't. She could have even led them to the bank along the side for them to walk, but she didn't do that either. Those ducklings followed her and were pushing themselves hard. My thought is how by making them do the hard work by themselves she was making them stronger, healthier ducks who will have a much stronger chance of survival in adulthood. It may not have been the easiest way to their destination, but it will prepare them for bigger things to come. This is motherhood at its best. My mom let me swim myself upstream many times and encouraged me to reach my goals; however difficult. She didn't force me to do it, but led by example. And like that mother duck, my mom watched my struggles with a close eye to make sure I was okay. Thank you to all those mother ducks out there who prepare your babies for the bigger world ahead. Know when they are strong adults, they will be eternally grateful for your leadership and guidance.    

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