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We had record snowfall here in Salt Lake and people everywhere were tweeting and posting about the cold front we've had today. You can be sure there were some choice words when I looked out on the frosted rooftops of the valley this morning. So how did I inspire myself today? I just kept thinking about bright, flowy, floral summer sundresses. Festive, comfortable and perfect for showing off your beautiful tan (or seeing as it's May and freezing, perhaps getting that tan started). It may have snowed today, but checking out the weather report, I'm really hoping I can don this dress by next week. Don't have a fun new sundress yet? Check out all these fun, bright styles at edressme.com. They will definitely get you thinking warm summer sun.
5/24/2010 09:39:15 pm

Love the sundress photo! and the post, too. In spite of snow, the temptation to dress "spring/summer" is always there.

5/25/2010 12:10:36 am

My favorite thing about spring/summer = sundresses! When I went to visit my parents in Florida a few weeks ago I only wore dresses, all day, everyday. Old Navy has some great dresses and they are very budget friendly!


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