Everyday Inspirations

A couple days ago I posted how excited I am for warm weather to arrive. This is why. I am so ready to wear lighter fabrics and beautiful pastel colors that I find myself falling into an almost daily case of spring fever, which usually includes spending time online looking up new shoes, outdoor destinations, and the official first day of spring (March 20).

Not that I haven't already been making this fun, flirty tank work with my winter cardigans. Angie has lovingly given the top the name "that shirt" (with a little sigh) because it's the perfect definition of why we're ready for spring fashion: super girly shape, gorgeous lace details, clean white color.

More than once I've found myself imagining wearing this top, a skirt, and a pair of sandals, with a warm breeze kissing my bare legs. And I'm on a beach. With a margarita. Now we're getting somewhere!
Angela Fairbanks
2/22/2010 03:32:34 pm

Oh. THAT shirt. Hand over the shirt and I will bring you warm weather!


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