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Cinco de Mayo

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, the work friends and I had a quesadilla lunch. Of course the food was delicious, but the best part of the get-together was the fact that I was hanging out with awesome people. I feel very lucky that I can call my coworkers my friends.

I truly believe your personal relationships have the power to keep you healthy (and we all know the best relationships make life better). As we get older, we tend to discover our true friends. Make time for these friendships and cherish them during all of life's moments. Not only will you have people who understand you and will be by your side no matter what, according to this article, your friendships also protect against health problems like obesity and heart disease and can help with depression.
The work ladies at last year's Cinco de Mayo festivities.
5/14/2010 03:21:23 am

How lame I had to miss out!


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