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Holding a plate of New Year's Eve fondue treats
Fall in the air has me dreaming of wonderful things like pumpkin cookies, warm mochas and cozying up on my couch to watch all the new seasons of my favorite television shows (yes, I already have the season premiere dates scheduled into my calendar.) You know what this sounds like? A recipe for gaining back those measly five pounds I just shed. There wasn't much to lose but it was that much harder for it. Before I know it Santa will be en route to Salt Lake City with a plate full of delicious fat-filled treats that I can't resist. By that time the winter "I don't want to move lest I freeze" mentality will have set in and it will be much easier to say, skip the gym and stay home to make cookies. The key is to start good habits now while it's easy to implement them. You could wait until January 1st after three good months of holiday parties, baked goods and inactivity. We will still be here to inspire you to push yourself through the winter months of the new year. Or you could start good habits now, still enjoy the holidays, and come New Year's Day, set goals that don't involve losing weight you didn't mean to gain. Just don't say we didn't try to prevent it.

Set a workout schedule. If you get into a regular routine, especially with a workout buddy, it's much easier to keep going to the gym. Having a consistent time puts you into the same "need to be there" mentality you might have toward work or an appointment. 

Keep active activities. In the spring and summer so many activities involve the outdoors so it's easier to stay fit (especially when there are pool chairs and bikinis calling). Make it a habit to stay active in your everyday life beyond the gym. Walk the dog. Gear up for a fall or winter hike. Go skiing. Play indoor sports. Find something you enjoy doing that can keep you moving.   

Go easy on the drinking. It keeps you warm and makes you jolly, but don't forget the calories. Think of it like you think of that dessert you're drinking with it. Keep it within reason.

Don't miss out on the treats! If you head into the holidays avoiding Dad's chicken pot pie or your neighbor's Christmas truffle delivery you will probably fail. Or I would. Miserably. Frankly, I want to enjoy those things! It's not Christmas at my house without my grandma's cinnamon bread! Simply pick your fatty foods wisely. I have a sweet tooth so I will skip out on the fatty cheese dip appetizer and eat a reasonably portioned dinner so I can enjoy the pumpkin pie and a couple pecan tassies. Much more worthwhile and I leave the house without clutching my stomach saying, "Oh my God, I'm going to burst!" Double bonus!

Start those habits now before temptation strikes! I can't wait for autumn! 
Donna Cannon
9/16/2010 09:21:33 am

Hi Ang: This is good. Thanks for the plug! Love You


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