Everyday Inspirations


Earlier today I was thinking about what I wanted to post for this week's home entry. I had a bunch of decor-related ideas, but more than anything I wanted to focus on the 65-degree weather we're having in Salt Lake. I mean, have we ever mentioned on this web site how excited we are for spring? Oh yeah, here. And here. Yep, here too.

Then I realized--wonder of wonders--the yard is just as much a part of your living space as anything else! (Obviously I'm not a homeowner... yet.) So during my soaking in of spring weather, I captured an image of a just-about-to-blossom branch.

It's lovely to have an object in your yard (or around your home if you don't yet have a yard) that brings a smile to your face, whether it's a bench, a potted flower, or a vegetable patch. Personally, I can't wait to get my very own Meyer lemon tree. I'm thinking that's going to be one of my spring/summer projects.

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