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~ day 9: how to ~

Guest blogger: Jessica Trump

I'm a 29-year-old stay-at-home-mom to a wonderful little man named James. I'm married, very happily, to a sweet and wonderful man referred to as E.

I love to craft and have been doing so for as long as I remember. I also adore travel. Some of my favorite experiences I've documented on my blog including traveling to Japan, crossing the ocean on the Queen Mary 2, and having a baby.

My little boy just turned one, and in addition to crafting and blogging, I also love photography, playing outside on warm days, and making my baby boy laugh by doing stupid things in public.

I love homemade children's clothing. Something about it just makes me smile; the little details, the lace, the tiny buttons. But when your baby is a boy there is very little out there that is homemade, not too cutesy, and is within my budget. So being the crafty mama that I am, I decided to come up with my own shirts for my one-year-old son. They were super inexpensive to make, can be made for any age, can be added to any piece of clothing, and are easy.
Here is what I did:

1. Find a plain piece of clothing that you want to embellish. I found a simple navy blue tee for $3.50 (and it is organic cotton!) and a simple burnt orange tee that was $1.00 at a thrift shop.
2. Pick a pattern. This is the most fun and creative step of the entire process. For the owl tee I used an image that was on a baby card that I was given and enlarged it for the shirt freehand. For the polar bear tee I just did a simple Google search for "polar bear silhouettes" and came up with the image. I re-sized the image in Word (yep, you don't need any fancy software) and printed it out.
3. Decide if you want one solid piece of felt or multiple pieces. For the owl I stacked pieces; for the polar bear I used one solid piece.
4. Cut the pattern out on felt in the color of your choosing. I used acrylic felt as it is easy to find and quite inexpensive.
5. Place the felt on the clothing item. Move around until you have the look you are after.

 6. Sew around each piece of felt. This can either be done by hand or machine. I used the machine on both of these projects. For the owl tee I changed the color of thread each time the felt color changed. And on the polar bear tee I went with a fun simple look by just crisscrossing the polar bear with colored thread before sewing him onto the tee.
7. Add any last embellishments. I added a handful of tiny buttons to the toadstool on the owl tee, as well as button eyes. On the polar bear tee I didn't like how the bear was floating in space so I used two simple parallel lines to created the ground.

Once done, these shirts are washer and dryer safe. Have fun crafting! Happy holidays!

Sweet James in his owl tee
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