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egg nog recipe
There are few holiday treats as festive as the classic cup of egg nog, perfectly dusted with a little nutmeg on top. Now if you've tried the stuff from the store and don't like it, I completely agree. I'll admit, I've never been a big fan of that stuff so I always thought I didn't like egg nog. But this recipe is just so fluffy and creamy, it's hard not to enjoy. And if you live somewhere cold and happen to make a vat of it and but have no room in the freezer, just cover with saran wrap and toss the bowl on the back porch where it will stay nice and chilly in the snow.

{Egg Nog}

6 eggs*, separated
2 cups heavy cream
3 cups of milk
3/4 cups sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup bourbon (if desired)

In a large bowl (bowl you will store final egg nog in) beat egg yolks with 1/2 cup sugar until thick and creamy. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, then stir in 1/4 cup sugar. In a third bowl beat the heavy cream, vanilla and a pinch of nutmeg until thick. In a large bowl, pour cream into the yolk mixture, then gently fold in the egg white mixture. Pour in milk and bourbon. Chill in the freezer before serving. Serve with fresh nutmeg on top.

*Because this recipe calls for raw eggs, be sure to only use fresh, refrigerated eggs.

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