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Dubrovnik, Croatia
A breath-taking, Medieval city of white and orange, enveloped between lush green mountains and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. I've experienced many cities, but Dubrovnik, Croatia is by far one of my favorites. Old town is a marriage of old and new as today's shops, banks and restaurants inhabit the original buildings built in the Middle Ages. As it was a wealthy trading city that rivaled Venice, the city sidewalks are made of marble, which is a whole lot of fun if your shoes don't have much traction. I'm pretty sure I nearly pulled off my companions' arms the several times I nearly slipped.

My favorite part was the city wall—a tall, marble walkway that wraps around the perimeter of old town Dubrovnik. At each point we would stop to take photos saying, "Surely this is the most beautiful vantage," and at the next, "No, surely this is the most beautiful vantage." As you walk around it you see panoramic views of the city and Adriatic Sea, castle fortresses on rocky cliffs, church steeples silhouetted against the sky, laundry on clotheslines waving in the breeze, cannons and architectural features used to protect the city, and thousands of people wandering the streets. The sights everywhere you looked were truly incredible and inspiring.

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