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I have this bad habit of saving special things for some later date when "I really need it." I don't want to waste something good on this average moment in time -- I want it to be, well, special.

For example, take these stickers I got as a kid. I really liked them, thought they were so cute and deserved to be used on something nice, not just a folder or a card. So I saved them for a later date. Now here I am, 25, and still have these unused stickers. Problem is, they don't really mean anything to me now that they did back then. Ironically, their specialness has been lost in my hopes of preserving their specialness.

This may seem trivial, but I do this too often, thinking today's average moment (or average school folder) doesn't deserve to be made into something a little more extraordinary. Don't let them pass or you may lose your chance to make the everyday into something more.
1/16/2011 07:47:43 am

I am SO guilty of this. I "save" my favorite perfume, my favorite eye shadow, my new lotion. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy life NOW!


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