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It's five o'clock somewhere (okay, it's actually 5pm here) and I'm still working for the evening. Not complaining, it's actually fun, just have a lot to get done -- it's one of those weeks. But as the clock creeps later and I see my to do list still fairly long, I figured I may as well embrace it and enjoy a nice piña colada and pretend I'm working on the beach. I may not be on island time, but a girl can dream. So here's my recipe for my yummy spin on homemade piña coladas (that taste nothing like that nasty mix, and much more like it was freshly blended by the pool boy). This isn't the classic recipe, but like many of my recipes, is lower in fat and sugar and still gets the job done. 

{Angie's Healthy Piña Coladas}

1/2 cup pineapple juice
13 ounces coconut milk (I used 
1/2 cup fresh pineapple sliced
1 frozen banana, cut in chunks
6+ shots of rum (as much as you "need")
sugar or sweetener to taste (it doesn't need much)

Put all ingredients in a blender or Magic Bullet and pulse until banana and pineapple are fully blended. Then mix on high until creamy. Enjoy! 

Makes 4-6 servings

Daisy, being a naughty puppy, stole the pineapple right off my drink as I sat to write this post. Bad girl (but who can blame her?)

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