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For the last two years my new favorite way to celebrate Valentine's Day--dinner at home. Maybe you think, "Alright after eight years together their romance has finally died." Believe me, I have experienced plenty of V-Days out on the town (and battling the crowds) with extravagant dinners, over-priced flowers and nice gifts, but well, it just doesn't compare. A couple years ago we had just gotten engaged and signed to buy our house so we were trying to come up with something romantic while saving cash. What did I learn? If you plan it out right a romantic night in can be way more special. Totally customize these ideas to you and your special someone, but here's our recipe for success. 

Make Dinner Assignments
Plan ahead who is in charge each part of the meal (one person with entree, the other with wine and appetizer/dessert for instance). The more you can prep in advance the better. It's also fun to keep your dishes a surprise to build a little anticipation. Nate made me gorgonzola walnut chicken and a tomato vinaigrette salad (recipes coming Thursday) and made me sit where I could smell it but not see it. Chocolate dipped fruit is also yummy and who's to say dessert has to stay at the dinner table? ;) After all, there are benefits to being home. Just have some fun with it and make it something a little gourmet.   

Decorate the Place
Make sure your house is all clean (fewer distractions) and decorate a bit to make it feel different. As cliche as it seems, lighting some candles and sprinkling rose petals really does help set a nice mood. Get everything set up in advance so you can just enjoy being together. Here are some cute Valentine's table settings to help get you inspired. I also love the idea of leaving a love note for each other. 

Plan an Activity You Both Love
Bundle up for a day hike, a day skiing on the slopes, or a couples massage (you can do that yourself too). Find something you don't regularly do where you can really spend some quality time with each other and that always helps kindle the romance. 
Foster the Romance   
Despite what society tells us, romance and Valentine's Day is really not about material things. The reason we have fallen in love with this tradition is because it allows us to foster the romance that's already there without spending a bunch of unnecessary money. Doing special things for each other and spending quality time as a couple feels way more romantic to us than battling 80 other couples at a nice restaurant. The key is just to get it all ready so it feels like you're being pampered even though you're doing it yourself. 

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2/6/2011 01:54:32 pm

Wow! I don't have a husband or boyfriend right now but was thinking about if I did, I definitely would want something at home versus an out on the town excursion. Sometimes it is a wonderful treat as a couple just to take the time to talk without all the craziness that going out may entail. Hope you have a marvelous Valentine's Day.

6/25/2019 03:30:48 am

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