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A few of you may remember my post about my favorite earrings. I am so very sad to report that I now have only one favorite earring.

It really was a bummer, that moment when I realized I was wearing only one beloved earring. I had dropped the other in some dressing room after a night of shopping. I mourned a bit in the car (really, I did), then decided I'd have to just turn the earring into something else...
One lonely earring plus one unused chain equals a new piece of jewelry!

Since I'm in no way a jewelry making expert, I just used stuff hanging around my house to twist the earring post into a loop to thread through the chain.
Um, I don't think this is what this tool was intended to do...
I formed the earring post into a kind of cursive S-shaped loop:
I then easily slid the earring-turned-charm onto the chain. Voila!

Three reasons why this project rocked:
- I saved my favorite earring from a life of sitting alone in my jewelry box.
- I found a job for an unused chain.
- I spent no money and have a new necklace. Woohoo!
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