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~special mother's day edition~

{from angie}
My beautiful mother, happy to have her little girl in ruffles, soothes my tears.
Dear Mom,

The day after I was born, I jumped, nearly leapt, out of your arms. You caught me. You are not just my mom, you're my savior.

When I was in elementary school and you went back for your master's, I remember asking, "Why would you want more school?" Your answer? "So I can have a job I really love and be a good female role model for you." You're not just my mom, you're my role model.

London, Paris, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Austria, Germany...the list of places you have taken me goes on. You have opened my eyes to the world and taught me to respect and admire other cultures. You're not just my mom, you're my teacher.

When I was little and the boys went camping, you and I would blast "Girls' Night Out" by the Judds, dance and go shopping. You have always been one of my girls. You're not just my mom, you're my friend.

All my years of ice skating you sacrificed time, money and sleep. You put so much of yourself into me, and yet you still let me make my own decisions about what I wanted to do and how hard I should push myself. You're not just my mom, you're my hero.

Today I look at the woman I have become and the places I still want to go. Everyday you are here ready to support me. You are not only by my side for guidance, but the woman I look to for inspiration and leadership. You are more than just my mother, you are a piece of who I am and who I aspire to be.

Thank you for being my mom and everything in between. I love you Mama. Happy Mother's Day.


{from ash}
Bonding with my beautiful mother. I was only 90 minutes old.
Dear Mom,  

When we were little, we celebrated Mother's Day for a lot of reasons. Jeff and I poured our hearts into crayon cards because you were our protector, our guide through life. We loved you because you were our world. You told us we were yours and you loved us with your all your heart.  

Of course, our little minds couldn't always wrap around the house rules. We thought it viciously unfair we couldn't drink more than one Sprite at a time or that we weren't allowed to talk back to you. We never wanted to go to bed or do our chores (oh, the agony of sweeping the kitchen daily!). You made us sit and talk so that we'd understand why we were grounded for lying. You told us the rules were for our protection, not our annoyance. 

You also told us we'd have a safe haven in you and dad, that we would always have two people who would be there for us no matter what. I remember so many times I'd come into your room late at night because of some vexing problem. You always woke up, always calmed me. Even as an adult, there are still moments in which I think, "I want my mom," because I know you'll understand. You always do.  

You were my supporter from day one. Every so often, echoes of days gone by flutter through my mind, illuminating moments when you were proud of me, whether it was that day during my kindergarten year when I successfully read "An Apple" to you (we were subsequently off to dad's office to celebrate and let me read to him), or the last day of college, as I walked toward you with my hard-earned diploma in hand, knowing I would never forget the warmth in my heart caused by nothing more than the smile on your face.  

Today, I understand the rules and the talks. It all makes sense now because I have become a woman who loves life and strives to live it with grace. Your lessons taught me how to live well and appreciate all I have. You understood, from the moment they put you in my arms, that you had a baby who would one day turn into an adult, and you made it a priority to raise the very best person you could. You committed to me. I'm so glad you did.  

I now celebrate Mother's Day because I am thrilled to recognize the woman who shaped me into a person I'm proud to be. I celebrate Mother's Day because I understand what it means to be a woman--the fears, the joy, the love, and the growth that are part of the package. I celebrate because my beautiful mother is now also one of my best friends and no one will understand me the way she does.  

It thrills me to think one day I will become a mom as well. I pray that I will be for my children what you are for me. Of course, they'll have the best of everything, because they'll have you as their grandmother. How sweet it will be.  

I love you with all my heart forever,  

5/9/2010 05:01:04 am

Ashley Bee,
My darling daughter.
You changed my life...Thank you for everything you are.
Being your mom has been the best part of being me.
I love you forever,

5/9/2010 05:59:42 am

Ang ...

You are the best daughter a mom could ever dream of! I appreciate all that you have said now and throughout your life to show me your love. It has been up to this point a wonderful journey to have you as my daughter. As you may recall, I thought you were going to be a boy and I was shocked (and unbelieving) to realize a bright sunshine-y young girl was coming into my life. I am thankful that we have so much fun together (like you have said) and that we are such good friends, too.

Love, Mom


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