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Between the freezing cold temperatures and recovering from holiday spending, I've been feeling more and more like date night in sounds like a great idea. But staying in doesn't mean doing the same boring routine. Here are a few ideas that will keep you cozy and save you money.

Movie Night
An oldie, but a goodie. Pick out a new flick and cozy up on the couch. Make it a little more special by adding all your favorite movie elements, only better. Fresh popcorn with melted butter (no waiting in line for overpriced kernels with that nasty excuse for butter), a bowl of your favorite candy (chocolate covered almonds and cranberries anyone), and a yummy beverage of choice (alcohol allowed). 

Game Night
Of course this is a favorite at EI from Ashley's post. Whip out your favorite game and start a little competition. This is also a fun one to do as a double date with one or two other couples over for a fun night in.

Dinner for Two

Plan a gourmet meal cooking together. Split up planning the courses (appetizer, salad, entree, dessert) or work on all of them together. Try cooking something a little more challenging since you have four hands in the kitchen. Then serve each other, light candles and enjoy.

Spa Night

Take a load off and relax. Give each other massages, take a salt bath, or use an exfoliating rub to get rid of dead, dry winter skin. Light some incense or candles, play some soothing music, and pretend you're in a world-class spa together.

Listen to a Book

The joy of reading an amazing book doesn't have to be a lone activity -- listen to an audio book together. Snuggle in your warm bed, set up you ipod, and cozy up together with a good book. Daisy particularly likes this activity because she gets to snuggle right in the middle of her mom and dad who can't help but pet her.

Enjoy Something Sweet

Skip dinner and go straight for dessert. Have a sundae night with all the toppings. And who am I to say they all have to stay in the bowl?

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