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Dara & Co. Blanket
This is my new Dara & Co. adult throw I bought for a steal from BabySteals.com--yes they have stuff for mamas too (or in my case non-mamas who still like to snuggle). With goosebump minky on one side and buttery soft plush on the other, this blanket is positively DELICIOUS to wrap yourself in. If any of you have felt these you know how incredible they are. The chocolate color goes great with my couch and living room decor too. As soon as I bought it I told my husband this was MY blanket, but Daisy already seems to have claimed it for herself. No no baby--that's for mama. 
10/20/2010 07:37:00 am

:) That's cute. Love the dog.

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10/20/2010 09:17:08 am

Hey! Love the dog! So cute! Bye! :D

10/20/2010 10:50:09 am

Oh my ... I never dreamed I would read "buttery" coming from you. But I am glad you are teaching Daisy to love the softest spot in the house.


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