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We had a killer view from the library today. Of course, this isn't it, but it is a gorgeous view of downtown SLC, Memory Grove Park, and the Capitol. The only thing we need are leaves in these trees.

I was fortunate to spend this beautiful, warm, almost-spring day with a former professor. Kim and I had a wonderful brunch at Salt Lake's Oasis Cafe before heading to the downtown library. There, Kim spoke to a group about the role of the media in today's world. I felt totally spoiled. Two hours at brunch, plus the chance to listen to an expert (and my friend) speak on such a crucial topic... I was like a little sponge, soakin' it all in.

There are times I greatly miss the classroom -- more than I can even describe. I miss that designated time for important conversations, the chance to delve deeply into a topic. Yes, I have meaningful conversations with friends and family, but it's the formality of the classroom that makes a difference to me. It's the guarantee of being in a place where someone will challenge my beliefs and push me to think in new ways.

I've never been the kind of person who is content to accept my education the way it is. I have to challenge myself to further understand the world around me... just because (instead of because I have a paper due). But I've also always been the kind of person who falls short when it comes to understanding the decisions made about my world -- and who makes them. Politics is an incredibly unsexy subject (to most), but the idea of not understanding the way my state and country are run frightens me. But I don't want to be a finger pointer, a person who figures I have all the right answers and everyone else is just "dumb" (doesn't that mentality frustrate you, too?). I want to know why people think the way they do, whether or not they agree with me. I'm hungry for knowledge and inspired by how many places I can go to feed that appetite.

Oh, sweet readers, I hope you don't mind me going off on my tangents lately. I've been conducting a lot of self-reflection, a lot of soul searching. I am happier now than I have ever been. I'm in love with my life -- my family, my sweetheart, my friends, my job, my home. I am content and calm, and I'm ready to change my world for the better. And I believe the best way to pass on that love is through (a lot of) self education and taking the steps necessary to help others love life, too.
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