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Have I written this post before? I feel like I have... or perhaps Angie has. But I went through our fashion archives and found no other cold weather accessories post. So maybe I'm losing it (quite possibly true). And if I'm repeating a post, perhaps you'll forgive me since I'm sharing so much cuteness.

Today I have two fun accessories to share with you... because if winter insists on sticking around, then I'll just have to keep wearing cute things to stay warm. To start, a pair of out-of-this-world adorable gloves Angie gave me for my birthday. They're actually a fingerless glove/mitten mix and, to be honest, were purchased to keep my hands warm while typing away at work (she knows me so well!). They're so darn cute I proudly wear them at my desk. And out in the cold. Can I wear them to bed too? Maybe to the gym? Okay, too far.
Second, may I please present for your consideration the world's cutest beanie? (Another gift, this time from Dan for Christmas. I have very sweet people in my life.) This isn't one of those boring beanies your mama made you wear on the walk to school. This is a beautiful, crocheted beanie, complete with silver thread running through it. Yum. Maybe winter can stay for a little while longer.
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