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~ our world ~

Alright so this edition of ~our world~ is not focused on the usual travel, culture or even the environment. Today I am focused on exactly what is going on in my world and that is cleaning. It all started this afternoon when the toilet flooded. I know. Gross. Wasn't it so much nicer when scary things like were handled by your mother? Well this morning we had the Foul Flood of 2010 at the Fairbanks residence. My husband and I tackled it as a team which ultimately spurred a cleaning spree. The bathrooms all got a nice deep clean, then the garage, now we are onto the basement. As much as I feel totally gross and am more than ready for some sustinence, my world is starting to look so beautiful and slowly but surely it will be organized. I guess Ash must have inspired me with all that purging of old stuff. Now that I work from home, even more so my house is my world and cleaning my surroundings always makes me refreshed and relaxed. Alright! Off to clean!
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