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Hello, clutter-free coffee table. I love you.

I'm not a neat freak. But I am pretty tidy. You won't find, say, weeks-old bowls next to my bed or anything moldy in my kitchen. However, I do tend to gather clusters of clutter all over my home during any given week (sorry, Mom!). You probably know how it is. There are still dishes from last night in the sink, a pile of clean laundry that hasn't yet been put away, a drawer that needs to be organized. You probably also know how much time goes into worrying about clutter. It can really drive you crazy.

This morning I had a sudden burst of energy and decided to put it toward cleaning up my life. I threw on some Carrie Underwood and INXS (strange combination, I know) and swept, mopped, and vacuumed every floor in my house, deep-cleaned the living room, scrubbed the kitchen, tidied the bedroom, and tackled the bathroom. The whole time I did it, I could feel stress lifting out my life. I was giddy knowing that, after this morning, I could do whatever I want this weekend and not worry about messes.

I forgot how inspiring a clean home can be. Now to find a way to keep up this energy...
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1/8/2011 03:45:55 am

I had a mini cleaning spree this morning and I agree, I felt so much better about life afterwards. Now, I just need to tackle my desk. eek.


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