Everyday Inspirations

Sometimes you just need to buy yourself flowers. Do you need to feel weird about it? Absolutely not. Here are the top five reasons you should.

5. They make your house cheery. I love looking at my nice dining room table with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. It suddenly gives the whole house a little life and color.

4. It's spring! Today I was driving in my car in a tank top, windows rolled down, the warm sunshine blasting on me. What better way to bring a little of that feeling inside than with these sunshiney tulips? 

3. It makes the occasion feel a little more special. Whether you're having people over or it's "just another day," flowers just have a way of making you feel like there's something to be celebrated--even if it's just life.  

2. It gives you a reason to pull out that gorgeous vase. You know that beautiful vase that is usually tucked away? Buying yourself flowers is a perfect reason to give it some use.

1. Flowers make you smile. If for no other reason, just do it to make your day a little happier.

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