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bling bag
With all the fireworks I guess I'm extra attracted to anything shiny and sparkly right now. As I said in my earlier post, though purses are my weakness, a few years ago I told myself I didn't need a ton of purses so I now only let myself buy bags that are versatile and perfect for my needs. Women are very particular about our purses because, let's face it, we wear them with everything. My old bag was getting a little worn and dirty so I decided it may be time for a replacement. Enter this flirty Kathy Van Zeeland bag made of a metallic textured fabric and complete with bling embellishments and a sparkly keychain. It can be dressed up or down and is a subtle mix between tan and silver which means it matches great with anything from brown to black and every color in between. It has all the compartments I need and it is the perfect size--big enough to fit my necessities (including my professional SLR camera) but small enough that my back doesn't start hurting from overloading a bag too large. My favorite part? The purple zebra-print lining. It is totally silly, but every time I open it I get a little excited. If something so simple can bring my joy, that my friends, is fashion inspiration.

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