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My skating girls, from left to right: Amy, me, Haley and Alyssa
Goodbyes are sometimes bittersweet. I just had to see off my dear friend Haley as she moves off to New York to grasp her dreams. Bitter because, well, she will no longer live half a mile away so sipping wine and doing crafts just won't be quite as easy from 2,000 miles away. Sweet because I am so proud of her for taking a leap and taking a great job she deserves. 

For the last couple years, Haley has been in law school and with her ambitions involving many opportunities out of state (or country), we all knew her leaving was inevitable. So this talented girl graduates and literally missed the call where she was offered the job as she walked across the stage to accept her diploma. If that's not fate telling her to take it, I don't know what is. 

We skated together as teenagers and stayed in touch through college, but I think our friendship really has been enriched in the last couple years since she moved back to Utah. Between her witty, sarcastic sense of humor and her mutual love of learning, cooking, Twitter (@hales5), blogging, crafting, and let's not forget bedazzling, we were destined to be close. We were good friends in high school, but I'm so glad we have had the last few years to really let our friendship steep to the level it is now. 

She truly inspires me with her many talents and her determination to live her passions. While I will miss seeing her all the time (this is the part where I have to take a deep breath to keep from tearing up...again), I'm so truly proud of this amazing woman. And I'm not going to let it feel like goodbye -- between Facebook, Twitter and our new obsession with Words with Friends, I'm hoping it will feel like she is still just down the street. Love you Haley and so happy for you.  
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