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Boston Common
The Boston Common
I awoke on this gray day thinking I should write about beaches and sunshine, but somehow that just didn't inspire me today (which is a first). My thoughts took me back to a very significant place in the world for me—Boston, my birthplace. Throughout my life as I filled out forms I've noted Boston, Massachusetts as the place I came into this world. MIT campus was my first home as my parents and brother lived there while my dad was earning his PhD. And yet, this was a place I never knew until last year since we moved before I was two. For years my mom had gushed to me about how much she loved the city and how necessary it was to take me back. Despite the fact that I didn't remember it, it was odd how at home I felt and how everything was exactly as I had imagined it. Faneuil Hall full of international foods and arts, walking through the Boston Common full of budding trees, Fenway Park on opening day with its overexcited fans, cappuccinos and cannolis in the north end, the multitude of old graveyards, exploring the Freedom Trail—Boston is a beautiful city full of history and culture and I am proud to say I was born there.

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