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A coral island of fine white sand, lush green hills, and turquoise blue waters--the incredibly beautiful country of Barbados is where I was headed on my honeymoon around this time last year.
Bridgetown, Barbados
Bridgetown, the captial of Barbados
One of the greatest things about Barbados is the people. With a laid-back Caribbean attitude and a British influence, the Bajans were some of the kindest people I have met. They were so genuinely happy to help and interested in sharing the true beauty and culture of their country.
Bajan cuisine
Authentic Bajan cuisine--mahi mahi, cou cou, greens, and Bajan macaroni and cheese
Bajan cuisine is incredible. We enjoyed lots of fresh fish and dishes often included coconut, sweet potatoes, rice or cou cou. Common seasonings included thyme, marjoram, parsley, basil, cloves and plenty of garlic and their cooking involved a lot of sweet spicy flavor. They are famous for their flying fish which we were able to try on our island tour. We also enjoyed fresh coconut turnovers in a little bakery in a small town that were incredible--definitely the most delicious way we have ever spent $.50.
They make a mean pina colada
Now let's not forget the drink. Barbados rum is recognized as some of the finest and strongest in the world. It is the home to Mount Gay Rum, Malibu Rum, and Foursquare Rum factories to name a few. There was many a rum punch enjoyed on the sandy white beaches by me and my hubby. Oh and did I mention most hours of the day were happy hour?
Ted's Island Tour
A view from the upper northern tip to the southern tip of the island on Ted's tour. You can see the fields of sugar cane.
Eastern shore of Barbados
The rough Atlantic side of Barbados
In my opinion, anyone that goes to Barbados should do three things--go on Ted's Island Tour, ride a catamaran, and eat at Oistens fish fry. Ted is a local that is passionate about his home. The tour gives you a great perspective on the island (the east and west sides are totally different with the Atlantic bordering one side and the Pacific the other), allows you to taste authentic cuisine and Ted's rum punch (seriously wow), and you get a great historical and cultural perspective on the island.
Barbados catamaran
The turquoise waters from our catamaran. It's seriously that blue.
The catamaran we went on was not only fun because we got to snorkel with wild sea turtles and check out the fish on the reef, but it was a great tour of the island's perimeter and we had some seriously amazing food and drink that was included.
Oistens fish fry
The shore by Oistens at dusk
Oistens should not be missed. It sounds really touristy when you see it on all the sites, but it's truly some authentic Bajan food. Say hi to Pat at Pat's Place for us. By far some of the best fish I've ever had.
Barbados sunset
A Bajan sunset
Barbados is truly a beautiful country. The culture, the scenery, and the food and drink were all incredible. I woke up every morning to the sound of waves and views of turquoise blue waters and watched the sun set under the coconut and almond trees, hand in hand with my new husband each night. A perfect Bajan honeymoon.
10/1/2010 12:04:08 pm

I love Barbados! I think it was the most beautiful and interesting place I visited in the Caribbean.


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