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Changing seasons + new home full of allergies + tendency to rub itchy eyes = the perfect recipe for sad, tired, dry, puffy eyes.

I don't know how I let it get so far, but I was definitely not caring for the skin around my eyes like I should have. Bad, bad girl. Today I share a few simple tips that should help you avoid dealing with the same silliness I have.
  • Be gentle around your eyes. The skin surrounding them is so soft and fragile, but it's easy to go a little nuts (can I hear an amen, ladies?). Rubbing your eyes with your hands, putting on loads of eye makeup, washing off loads of eye makeup, sometimes not even washing your face at all -- all these take a toll on the thin skin.
  • Give 'em a break. There are a lot of opinions about what you put on and near your eyes, but that's a conversation for another post. If you're like me and wear makeup on an almost everyday basis, be sure to give your eyes a little breathing space. Take off or avoid makeup when you can. I love days I can lounge at home without mascara. Mm, freedom!
  • Provide some eye love. Give your eye skin some quality attention. Treat yourself to a professional facial or save cash by putting green or black tea bags or cut up cucumbers over your eyes. Make sure they're nice and cold for a refreshing (and deliciously scented) perk.
  • Protect them. To defend your eyes against environmental irritants and to heal them, use a natural, light cream on and around your lids. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of products in our world filled with unnecessary chemicals. Make sure you do your research so you're buying the best, safest treatment for your particular skin.

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