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Looking for a delicious, simple and elegant appetizer for your New Year's party? Try this drool-worthy baked Brie recipe, shared with me by my dear cousin-in-law, LE. It is super easy, yet this is always the hit of every party I've had it at. Heat it up at your house, or prep ahead of time and bake at the house-party you're attending since it only takes a few minutes.

{Baked Brie}

1 wheel of Brie (best deal is at Costco)
Brown sugar
Roasted nuts (pine nuts or pecans are my favorite)
Dried cranberries
1 can refrigerated biscuits

Brown nuts in a saute pan. Cut Brie in half horizontally so you have two circles. Press brown sugar into both sides of the Brie until evenly spread. Spread nuts and cranberries on one side, then squish two sides together (like a Brie sandwich). Unroll biscuits and mold around the Brie. Cover completely with dough. Bake according to the directions on the biscuit package. Serve with crackers, apples and pears.

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