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~ one year of inspiration ~

When Ash and I started this blog, we wanted our categories to really captured what inspires us everyday. We came up with the categories you see repeated week to week: how to, fashion, home, a better you, food, our world and small inspiration. I feel strongly that if we can be truly inspired by aspects of our daily lives, we can all be happier, more positive people, better friends and better mates. So as I thought of my ten things that inspire me, I will share them through these categories of everyday living.

1. {how toLearning new things. The world around me is my continuing education. I love learning and embrace the chance to try new things and push my limits. 

2. {fashionEffortless glamor. Sure, I love getting dolled up as much as anyone (perhaps more), but to me I love the look of casual, effortless, glamorous fashion. Simple and yet stunning. 
Effortless glamor at the pool with miss Ash.
3. {homeWindows. My mood is greatly affected by my surroundings, so one of the areas of interior design I love the most? Big, light transfusing windows. Few things make a room look better than warm sunlight spilling through windows.  

4. {a better youFigure skating. The biggest contributor to my overall health has always been figure skating. I started skating when I was six and the sport has not only provided me with a solid foundation for athleticism and a desire to stay fit, but I have learned artistry through physical expression, a sense of confidence, and how to use my mental awareness to achieve goals. Plus, the best life lesson--when you fall, get back up and try again.
5. {foodExperimenting with food. Maybe you were taught you're not supposed to play with your food, but my dad always told me I should. My dad taught me how to cook and since he's a chemist, there was a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. I love playing with different flavors and being creative with ingredients.
6. {our worldTraveling...anywhere. From a young age I learned to love traveling. I love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and seeing a world that is so different from my everyday. 
7. {small inspirationChange. Many people fear change, but I think it's change that keeps life interesting. For instance I love autumn, but an eternal autumn would be boring. It's these transitions that continually keep me excited and in anticipation of what the future bears. Change will always be inevitable so if you embrace it, you are opening yourself to more love more areas of your life.

Since I have three more, I'm making up the categories.

8. {smiles} The pup. My little Daisy makes me smile everyday. My husband teases me that I have 8 billion photos on my phone (which is ridiculous, it's much closer to 5 million) but it's just because she brings so much joy into my life. She is the sweetest, snuggliest, most playful little pup ever. And I wish she could play with Maizey.  
9. {art} Pastels. This last year I rekindled my love for drawing with pastels. Everything in my life is so structured and organized but when I am creating artwork I go to a meditative state where I stop thinking and just exist. 
10. {my inspiration} My mom. We have always been close, but the older I get, the more I realize what an true inspiration she is to me. A strong woman, she has always striven to be the best for herself so that she could be the best role model for me. Even into my mid-twenties, I don't think she has missed a single performance, continues to mentor me, and is always there to listen when I need someone to talk to. 

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2/20/2011 04:23:36 am

maizey wants to play with daisy too!

2/22/2011 04:33:54 am

I have been thinking a lot about what inspires me and I would have to say my Mom has inspired me more than anyone. She is an incredibly strong, yet kind woman. My mother has never backed down when it comes to her morals or principles and has inspired me to do the same. Her kindness radiates in all she does. She is not an over-the-top bubbly type of person, rather someone who will do something for anyone in need. She has taken care of so many family members and friends that I have lost count. She is an inspiration for all women and I am inspired by her everyday.


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