Everyday Inspirations

Some days don't feel inspired. They aren't happy or creative or colorful. Some days are white. Today amidst a spring snow storm we put down our nearly 14-year-old Westie, Mac. It was one of the hardest things I have done—trying to say goodbye to one who has so given so much of himself to our family. Mac, who loved so unconditionally, who literally said hello when I came home, who was so concerned when I was upset and never failed to comfort me, who was my last link to my childhood days. I was only ten when I met him as a puppy and now I've journeyed into a college-educated, married, adult woman. We've both changed a lot, but through all of it I was always his Angie and he was always my favorite puppy.

Some days don't feel inspired, but it's those days you must look for inspiration. Allow yourself to feel the pain or grief or depression. Accept it. Confront it. It may take all the strength you can muster but you must then look for something to bring you up. Something, someone, anything that is inspiring. Today as I kissed his little nose goodbye and walked out into this horrible, awful, 7 inches of slushy whiteness, I willed myself to be inspired. Inspired by his love, his strength, and his overwhelming excitement despite the pain he lived with. Inspired that, however stupid this may be, the weather snowy white in his honor. Today is white for my Mackie, my baby, my puppy. I will only say goodbye feeling somewhere he is at peace yowling a little hello to me.

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