Everyday Inspirations


I know, here I am talking about the weather again. But really, how many days ago was I complaining about a blizzard? That's right--two. Two days ago I was letting out the dog in six inches of snow. Utah is one of the few places that the weather is not considered a dull subject. Now 48 hours later I'm gladly going outside with her in the sunshine with a high in the mid-sixties and a warm breeze. 

Now I get excited about a lot of stupid things, but the world's change to spring is one thing that never ceases to inspire me year after year. In the autumn I welcome the crispness that comes with the season. Then in winter any hint of wind makes me want to curl up in my coat and hide my face. I've noticed this even more intensely this year since I have to take Daisy outside to go potty a few times a day. But as spring comes and the world begins to thaw, the first hint of warmth after months and months of cold is so refreshing. Sure, there have been days that were heated up by the sun, but the air has still been chilly when it blows. The first hint of warm air means beautiful days are to come. The wind blows through my hair and I inhale deeply, smelling the young freshness of what is preparing to bloom.  Even though I know very well we could have more snow any day, the promise that the world is turning up the heat is all the inspiration I need. 
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