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Friday afternoon facial, brunch with my sweetie... the weekend is full of tipping opportunities. I figure it never hurts to brush up on tip-related etiquette. Here is a list of some common tipping situations.
  • Sit-down restaurant: Generally 10–20%, depending on service, but I recommend tipping 15–20% unless the experience was horrible. And on behalf of wait staff everywhere, keep in mind that it's fine to tip higher if your experience was exceptional.
  • Coffee shop: Tip jars are optional, but I think it's good karma to help out the friendly barista who's getting your morning started on the right foot. You usually don't need to tip more than 5–10%.
  • Hair salon: You should be fine tipping 15–20%. You can always tip higher if you had a great experience or the stylist took extra time on a more complicated style or color.
  • Facial/massage/body treatment: Tip 15–20% (or higher based on your experience).
4/13/2010 07:01:32 am

Just a little tip on tipping...being in the restaurant business for the better part of a decade, a 20% tip is what you should leave if you had a problem-free and friendly experience, 15% indicates that something went wrong, and a 10% tip puts a mark on the server's head that, if consistent, means being fired.

4/13/2010 07:13:44 am

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification. It's always good to hear from someone who actually works in the industry. My knowledge as a consumer is pretty limited and I wasn't exactly aware of how the percentages translate.


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