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Try to not be jealous of our old school, speckled countertop.

I remember the first time I received my first cup of tea. I was probably six or seven years old, and I thought it was the stinkiest thing ever. I didn't even try a sip.

In college, though, I was always stopping by the cafeteria in the morning to grab a hot cup of mint tea before my first class. I still love enjoying tea in the mornings (and sometimes at night). Around the holidays, Dan had to purchase a white elephant gift for his family party, so he picked up this adorable teapot. He ended up forgetting it, and it became ours. I was pretty stoked. In fact, it's so cute that I don't ever banish it to a cabinet. It sits out on our counter and adds a sweet little touch to the kitchen.

Hmm. I think I'm going to make a cup now and settle in to watch The Biggest Loser. Go black team!
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2/15/2011 08:14:33 pm

I love that tea kettle! I'm actually sipping tea right now! :)


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